Inside the front windows of our venue is our 300L Micro Brewery, where you can sit, drink one of our 12 venue beers and experience a seasonal or experimental brew take place.

Our beer doesn’t just stop at the brews we bottle, here at the Malt Shed we are always experimenting with flavours, different malts and small batch brews for our brewery door customers, Malt Society members and regional events.

4.2% ABV
 | Brewery Door ONLY | On tap and in bottles
Aromatic new world pale ale with hints of passionfruit and citrus with a medium bitterness.

4.3% ABV
| Brewery Door ONLY | Bottles coming soon..
Traditional refreshing German summer wheat bier using the best ingredients sourced straight from Germany. Our Hefeweizen delivers a cloud and vibrant yellow colour with banana and clove undertones.

5.5% ABV
| Brewery Door ONLY | On Tap
Our North East (VIC) IPA is packed full of local north east hops delivering a tropical fruit flavour sensation with an IPA bitter kick, Enjoy our spring and summer release made fresh in Wang.

5.0% ABV |Style – New World Pale Ale| Bottled for Local Event ONLY
Exclusive brew for Wangaratta Beer Mile 
Made with Passionfruit, delivering a robust bitterness and tropical flavours derived from local King Valley and New Zealand hops.

4.6% ABV | On Tap and Bottled| Limited Release Brew
In celebration of Nick Cave’s return to Wangaratta, we’ve been inspired to produce a special release of our Wang Bitter. We don’t think Nick is bitter about Wangaratta, in fact we celebrate those famous words from Nick “The idea of a river and open space and a small town”. Not horrible, just a place which thrives on creativity and inspires us all to follow our dreams. As Nick says “To act on a bad idea is better than to not act at all. Because the worth of the idea never becomes apparent until you do it”. Bringing beer to our community is our idea and this is the Malt Shed